Traditional Persian Food that You Must Try

Did you hear about “Persian Food?” Well, if you never heard about it, don’t feel bad. Yet, if you grew up near Los Angeles – probably you are familiar with it. Knowing Los Angeles where large Iranian-American population is undeniable.

Persian food is underrepresented in America which happened for a few reasons such as, it frequently and incorrectly lumped into the category of Arabic food. Continue reading


Spreading Persian Food History for the Soul

10581580_742969575848006_206429597_nPersian food is one of the best cuisines to choose if you are dining with your friends, family or for large groups. Whether one is foodie and a fan of an ethnic food, either you love pastry or vegan. There’s something for everyone on an extensive Persian restaurant menu. Iran’s cuisine is actually not geographically limited. You can also find similarities in other cuisine across Central Asia and other part of Middle East. Primarily, Persian cuisine is based on the idea of hot and cold – do not be confused of a spicy or not spicy. Instead their food would create a sort of energy in the body or perhaps may have a cooling effect. Continue reading

Distinctive Differences between Persian and Other Mediterranean Cuisines

Persian Fusion over Mediterranean Dishes

While the authentic culinary styles of Persians were influenced by the countries surrounding Iran, Persian cuisines always have a distinctive taste. In fact, any food enthusiasts can distinguish the delicate differences between Persian and Mediterranean cuisines.

Those who are satisfy with their taste can definitely realize that both of them have different taste and feel when one have dined in an authentic restaurant. One hint is they are entirely different cultures. While it can be quite difficult to learn much about Middle Eastern cuisines, distinguishing their differences may require a little knowledge towards it.  Continue reading

Thinking About Persian Food!

I’m buried with a pile of work again and all I ever think about is food. I guess I love food. But who doesn’t? What I wouldn’t give for fries and burger right now. But no. I have to finish this this long list of to-do things. Do you know how long it takes a forty item task? Double the time and effort when you’re hungry, I tell you.

I’ve never been that much adventurous in food. I mean, my lifestyle and limited abilities in the kitchen doesn’t actually inspire home cooked meals, you know? The only time I get to eat authentic (?) food is with friends. Leave it to me and I’ll be happy with anything that the delivery man carries to my door as long as it’s fast and hot. But, you see, I’m eyeing this girl for a long time. I said “eyeing” since I haven’t talked to her yet which really sucks. But maan, she’s hot. Continue reading