Thinking About Persian Food!

I’m buried with a pile of work again and all I ever think about is food. I guess I love food. But who doesn’t? What I wouldn’t give for fries and burger right now. But no. I have to finish this this long list of to-do things. Do you know how long it takes a forty item task? Double the time and effort when you’re hungry, I tell you.

I’ve never been that much adventurous in food. I mean, my lifestyle and limited abilities in the kitchen doesn’t actually inspire home cooked meals, you know? The only time I get to eat authentic (?) food is with friends. Leave it to me and I’ll be happy with anything that the delivery man carries to my door as long as it’s fast and hot. But, you see, I’m eyeing this girl for a long time. I said “eyeing” since I haven’t talked to her yet which really sucks. But maan, she’s hot.

This common friend we have, after much bribes, persuasion and threats, spilled out that she likes Persian and Asian food. Really, what do I know about Persianfood? So now, I’m in the middle of work thinking about food and stuff and I’m getting hungry. You see my dilemma? (No, not the hungry part, just the Persian food part.) Another friend suggested, swears by it actually, this place at Kanan Road Agoura Hills called Maral Cuisine. So I checked it out online (huh, I told you, I like her).

Nice and cozy by the looks of it. It looks good for a date or for nights out with friend and family. Claims to use traditional Persian way in cooking and fresh herbs and ingredients. Though some of their menu entrees online, I’m having trouble pronouncing, or is it just me? The pictures of food makes me hungry though. Their site gives a background on typical Persian cooking, whatever that is. Just a combination of rice, meat and vegetables. A balanced meal then huh. Testimonials are good too, plus some positive feedbacks from people I know personally. What could go wrong right?

Since I’m planning to take her out this week. This month. Of course I have to talk to her first. Getting ahead of myself here, guys. I really hope this Malars Cuisine place is the right choice. I want to blow her brains out with my charm, wit and good food (Haha). Oh they deliver for free too, which a huge plus. Maybe I’ll try their food first. (on delivery of course) and see where how it is. Their food looks good in pictures though. They also do catering and stuff like that. Maybe you have other suggestions? I’m running out of ideas, not that I have that many ideas to start with. You can check out their site or maybe some of you have been there.

Alright, all this talk about food, really makes me HUNGRY. I’ll just order a pizza or two. I’m feeling a little peckish right now actually. Chao!


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