Traditional Persian Food that You Must Try

Did you hear about “Persian Food?” Well, if you never heard about it, don’t feel bad. Yet, if you grew up near Los Angeles – probably you are familiar with it. Knowing Los Angeles where large Iranian-American population is undeniable.

Persian food is underrepresented in America which happened for a few reasons such as, it frequently and incorrectly lumped into the category of Arabic food.
However before worrying about customs or language here is more delicious ways to learn about what’s on the plate. Shall we start?

Fesenjoon – with ground walnuts, stewed pomegranate puree, chopped onions. You can also have balls of ground meat as an alternative for chunks of poultry.

In Iran Pomegranates were big deals before the westerns realized they’re very useful. Pomegranates can be used to add flavour in tart. What they called the fruit of heaven which great combined with savory spices that uniquely creates Persian dishes in the culinary canon. Fesenjoon is a seasonal dish to Iranians and when you perhaps mentioned the dish, they will make them think you are very much aware of their culture than you actually do.

Ghormeh Sabzi – known as “Stewed Greens” with ingredients of parsley, leeks, kidney beans, dried lemos, spinach, coriander, dried fenugreek leaves and turmeric seasoned beef or lamb.

Iranians actually love stew. This lumpy green dish always serves on the table of any Persian dinner party.

Kabob – is pretty much universal for meat. It has ingredients of long strips of minced lamb, chicken or grilled beef and served with charred tomatoes, rice sprinkled with sumac, parsley salad, and flatbread.

This dish has several varieties where meat is spiced differently. Also, the most loved dish in Iran and ranges from super cheap street food to stuff – which only that the “Shahs of Sunset” could afford.

Doogh – it’s roughly derives from the verb “to milk.” This dish is made of yogurt, mint and diced cucumbers. Yogurt has lot of use to Iranians. Mixing yogurt is pretty much everything savory. It can be great for spaghetti and soup – to get even more yogurt into a meal which they guzzle glasses of doogh.

Tadeeg – also known as the “bottom of the pot” and is made of burnt rice flavoured saffron.

It’s no wonder Iranians love burnt things. Rice always served in every meal but the most coveted rice is “tadeeg.” The bottom crispy layer that is slightly burnt – has soaked up much of the caramelized saffron.

For additional fact, Iran produces 90% of the world’s saffron. It is often said to be expensive as “pretty girls kiss” which you may now pay with your knowledge of Persian food.

Now, you are familiar with the Persian recipes. We tried to represent the most tried and true Persian food that was introduced by our Iranian’s friend, just like other cultural cuisine that we love. For us, Persian cuisine is one of a kind. And is marked with a constant desire to feed the people you love – whether they are hungry or not.


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